Contact someone when you find a lost wallet

Contact someone when you find a lost wallet

Losing a wallet can be a horrible feeling. You may worry that someone is going to use your credit cards, steal your cash, or even steal your identity. It's just not a fun experience.

Although, having gone through this experience of losing a wallet will help you do the right thing when you find a lost wallet yourself. Immediately you are going to want to do the right thing and help the person reunite with their wallet. So, how do you go about doing the right thing? Do you find the nearest store or restaurant in hopes that they go back there? 

What if you could find information about that person and send them a text or give them a call?

Well luckily with our People Search tool you can look up anyone by their First Name, Last Name, City, and State. This information can be found on a person ID card. With a Name, City, and State you will be able to uncover information about that person such as Location, Age, and even their Phone number. It's a great feeling to be the hero and return a lost wallet.

Picture this:

While walking to a restaurant with friends and family, "Johnny" points at something in the parking lot a few feet in front of you. You instinctively reach down to grab it and discover that it's a Lost Wallet.

Johnny, being the nice guy that he is, says, "Hey we could give it to the front desk at the restaurant". You nod your head as you pull out the ID in the wallet. Even before entering the restaurant you found the persons phone number by entering his name on

As you guys arrive at the restaurant, you do as Johnny suggested and offer the wallet to the front-desk.

After your hostess has seated your group you pull out your phone and send a text to the individual who lost his wallet:

"Hey man, I'm at [restaraunt name]. I found your wallet in the parking lot and returned it to the front-desk. I know how scary it can be to lose a wallet so I thought I'd message you and let you know. Hope your day gets better. Cheers!"

Fast forward to the end of the meal. The waiter walks up to you and says: "Your meal has been paid for, the man who lost his wallet came in and offered to cover your meal in full!"

You thank the waiter and in a moment of heroism, you slowly look back at your group as you see Johnny looking at you with a smile and nod of approval, this is all happening in slow mo and it's almost as if in Johnny's head he's whispering "You're a fuck'n magician..." so you just smile and nod back.

That was all thanks to the People Search tool that you used to look him up. So, the next time you find a lost wallet be sure to look up that person and return their lost wallet.