Find People online with these 4 search tools

Find People online with these 4 search tools

You may have a sudden thought out of the blue and wonder about what happened to your long lost high school classmate. Or maybe you want to get more information about your new acquaintance during the office year-end party. Ever thought about searching people online?

What's awesome about the world wide web is that almost anything and anyone can be found with a few mouse clicks. If you haven't tried a people search on the internet before, now's the best time to do it. There are plenty of resources and databases where you can do people search online.

In the past, people had to rely on huge phonebooks, the Yellow Pages or by visiting government institutions and checking on the people search database. Today, it all boils down to having a smartphone or a laptop computer that's connected to the internet to start doing a people search. It's faster, more convenient and the results are usually instantaneous. The great thing about today's technology is that you can use the information you've found to send out a message via tweets, posts, and shoutouts and connect via social media. You can use email, SMS or even send out a Skype invitation for a one-on-one video call. In less than 15 minutes you can find the person you're looking for and send out a greeting, a heartfelt message or an invitation to hang out or catch up!

Google, FacebookGetPeopleSearch, and Pipl are just one of the many tools you can use to search people online. If you do your research you'll find there are more ways to find someone online. It's just a matter of spending time sifting through the results!

Are you ready to reconnect with people? Here's how to find people online.


Google is your friend on all things online, even when you're searching for people! It makes total sense to start your search with one of the biggest search engines to have ever existed. There are a few advantages and benefits to searching for classmates, co-workers or that stranger you've just met at the restaurant on Google. After all, Google has its hands on all existing websites, which includes popular people search and social media platforms. If that particular individual has left a digital trace of his or her identity online, Google will find it and bring it out as a search result. What's more, it's one of the easiest search tools you can use on the web.

Here's how you can use Google to find people online. All you need is a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer and a notepad or a physical notebook and a pen. You'd be sure to need something to write down with once the name you're looking for pops up on the screen. Pull up the Google search bar on your device (you'll have to be connected to the internet for this). Then, type the person's name in. Check out the results listed below and browse through them one by one. Google usually lists the results on popular social media platforms first- for example, you'll see John Doe results on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, etc. If there's a photo, then it will be displayed in a small window just on the left side of the search result.

Take the time to open each relevant result in a new window to be more efficient. The key to successful Google people searching is this- the more information and detail you can put in, the better and the more accurate the result. So before you type in the name, think about what else you know about that person. The most useful details include that person's location, school, marital status, his or her job, and company. You won't need to include all of them, and it's okay to leave out some details if you're unsure. Sometimes all it takes is a unique name and a company to bring up the profile you're looking for on page one of Google's search result. If not, you'll need to be patient and do a quick scan of the other links.

There's one more trick to Google's people search- you can get to the "Images" Tab (a few clicks to the right) and browse through the suggested search results there. If a particular face looks familiar, you can just click on the image and follow the URL link.


Facebook's massive people search database may very well surprise you. After all, there are billions of people that have joined Facebook since it was created in 2004. Chances are that your people search online will yield satisfactory results when you put his or her name in the search fields and hit Enter. Like searching for people on Google, you'll need to open a new browser window for each potential find you get. You'll be browsing through several profiles as well, so you'll need to be patient. 

First, you'll need to have a login account on Facebook to be able to use the people search engine. If you haven't created an account yet, now's the time. Signing up is easy- just fill up the fields with your First Name, Last Name and Email Address. Click on Join and you'll be on Facebook within minutes. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the menus and the content displayed. You'll notice a search bar right at the top of the page. This is where you can enter the person's name and browse through the results that come up. The more unique the person's name, the better results you'll get. Having an email address is a surefire way of getting a hit on the person you're looking for online provided that he or she has signed up an account on Facebook.

But that's not all you can do on Facebook. The blank people search field up on the top is just one way of searching for individuals. You can use your connections and existing group of friends and even the "Friend Recommendations" feature to widen the scope of your online people search. First, start by asking your friends, colleagues or acquaintances if they know the said person via Facebook's built-in chat. Facebook Messenger can be accessed via the app on Android and iOS platforms so you can start chatting with people who may know the individual you're looking for. If they do, then they can just send an online link, a phone number or any other contact details so you can get connected. The social aspect of these platforms enables you to conduct people searches quickly and more efficiently.

The good thing about Facebook's search is that it works the same as Google's. You can start filling in the information you already know- college, employer, company, hometown, high school, and others. The photo results are especially helpful as you'd be sure to recognize the profile once it comes up on the database. Sometimes you'll see a familiar face with a different name, but you should double-check by opening that profile on a new screen. Sometimes that person may be hiding their identity under a fake name but you can do a cross-reference to the things you already know, such as company name, school, friends, etc.


GetPeopleSearch is one of the better tools for searching people online. With it, you'll be able to get important information related to the person you're looking for, i.e., contact numbers, address and the full name or if you're uncertain whether that person is the right one or not. GetPeopleSearch has become popular over the years because there's a staggering amount of personal information that could be found here, but the developers have mentioned that they only collect and show data that was available from public feeds and channels.

GetPeopleSearch works by "looking" and gathering any and all pertinent information about a particular person in public channels such as personal websites, social networking platforms, sweepstakes entries, marketing forms, White Pages, Yellow Pages and property records. Then, it collates that data and puts it under one roof. The controversy that people can just uncover private or sensitive information about someone else is false as GetPeopleSearch only shows information that's readily available for those who would look at those online platforms in the first place.

You can start your search by putting in the First and Last Name, City and State of the individual you're looking for. The search results will show the following information- zip code, phone number, month of birth, property and address. Keep in mind that these results come up with a free search on GetPeopleSearch.


If your people search has come up empty on Google and on Facebook, don't give up. There's plenty of other resources that could do the job. You'll need to start drilling down on specific people search platforms, for instance, Pipl. The site is a comprehensive, specialized search engine platform dedicated to finding people online. What's more, it's free to use and won't cost you a single cent to do a people search online. 

Visit and you'll be presented with a clean, non-cluttered menu much like Google's. Registration is optional and it won't make much of a difference in terms of search quality. The default search field is for people; you can also get to the drop-down menu located at the top right part of the page for more specific search functions. Type in the person's Name, Username, Phone Number or Email Address on the blank field on the left and a Location on the right (which is optional). Once you're satisfied with the search details, click on the blue magnifying glass icon on the right and wait for the search results to come up on the screen.

The list of results vary and can come up from different social media platforms, Google+, the deep web and vital records. You can either click or tap on the name, contact details (if any), vital records or the Facebook link to that person's profile. Make sure to create a new tab for each profile so you won't get lost. Further down below are Possibly Related Results that you can browse if the ones on top don't yield satisfactory results. You can try to narrow down the parameters by clicking on the +more options on the left side, searching by location or by specifying the age range.

Pipl has the advantage over major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google by having a connection with the Invisible Web. Invisible Web is information that won't always be accessible if one does a Google search. You can take comfort in the fact that the person you're looking may not have an online presence on the internet if the Pipl results come up empty.


Some Things To Keep In Mind When Searching For People Online

Searching for people on the web takes time and it doesn't work instantly. If you're in a hurry to locate a particular individual due to emergency reasons or other immediate concerns, then you should only spend a few minutes doing a people search online on major channels such as Facebook or Google and consider other sources instead. Be patient and methodical and you just may be rewarded with a successful hit. 

There's also a possibility that the particular person you're looking for online just doesn't have a presence on the web. Yes, not all people are on Facebook or have entered any of their personal information on the internet. Sometimes people cover their online tracks well because they don't like other people or companies finding personal information. Some put up fake identities and names to throw people off track. 

Good luck! May the person you're looking for online be found. These are the best people search tools on the internet. When you're doing some searching people online, remember to not overdo it; relax and just have some fun looking on the web.