Find Someone's Birthday

Find Someone's Birthday

You're interested in a person and want to find out his or her exact birthday. Sure, you could try the direct approach, but one of these things will happen- a) they won't give it to you as they don't like handing out personal information, and b) they could give it to you, but whatever you're planning won't come as a surprise. Besides, wouldn't you want to keep it a secret especially if you, your friends or your co-workers are planning something big?

But what else is there? Are there ways on how you can find someone's birthday?

The short answer is a resounding yes! There are clever ways on how to find someone's birthday without that person actually knowing it. Truth be told, in today's technologically advanced, always-connected world, there's more than way on how you can get information about an individual, and that includes his or her birthday.


Reasons Why You Need To Find Someone's Birthday

For Friends. Your friend's birthday is coming up and he or she's giving you hints about it. But the problem is, there's been a lot on your mind lately that the fact simply escaped your mind. Maybe you've been college friends, high school friends or just classmates in one semester, but knowing the exact birthdate is so important that you simply have to know. For example, your friend may say that she's going away to Paris on her birthday, and you're thinking about giving her a gift to take along the trip. Or, your long-lost friend from the town where you grew up in says via email or SMS that he'll be visiting on his special day. Asking them straight on won't be the best way to find someone's birthday, in this case, so you'll need to take the stealthy approach.

For Acquaintances. It's the friend of your friend's birthday and he or she will be throwing a party. You're invited, and of course, you'll need to bring a gift. But what will you write on the date? For those who have crushes, knowing the birth date of the apple of your eye makes the connection seem extra special. You can leave small tokens of gesture on their office or study desks when their special day comes up. You can plan ahead of time and call his or her friends up, inviting them to an intimate night out or for an outdoor adventure. In this case, you'll need the exact birthday to make sure the event goes smoothly and that the timing is perfect.

For Your Boss. You could be tired of working that desk job for 5 years and are ready for a promotion. Well, what better way than to remember your boss' birthday and come up with a gift that he or she will love? In this case, you'll need to find your boss' birthday either online or through social networking sites. Once you have the information you can formulate a course of action. Will it be his or her absolute favorite food, wine or beverage? An expensive wallet or maybe a well-deserved trip to an exotic location? It's all up to you. In order for this to work though, you'll have to double check that the date you have is truly your boss' birthday.


Using The World Wide Web

This is one of the easiest and the best ways to find someone's birthday. It's relatively quick if you know what you're doing and know where to look. The entire fact-finding process can either take up 5 minutes of your time or up to an hour (if they keep their personal information privy from prying eyes), but you can expect success in this method. Here's how to find someone's birthday online.

On Facebook or LinkedIn. Who hasn't heard of Facebook? The social media giant has taken over the world and the internet by storm in 2004 and has continued growing its user base ever since. As of today, there are billions of people from all over the world on Facebook, and millions of people who are active on it every day. What's good about Facebook is the fact that it's like an online slum book where you can see everything there is to know about a certain individual. You'll see the name, their address, email address and yes, their birthday along with their favorite things in the world, i.e., movies, music, clothes, hobby, company, etc. All you have to do is to search for the name on the search field once you're logged in, look up the correct profile and get to the section where they put in their date of birth.

There's a setting that people can use if they don't want to reveal their exact birthday, i.e., putting in only the month and the day, or month and the year, but gaining that information should suffice. Finding out someone's birthday becomes easier if you're already friends with them on Facebook. Just get to your "Friends" section and click on the profile. Voila! Or, you can add that person and wait for him or her to accept, then get the information you need.

If you've hit a roadblock of some sort, i.e., friend request hasn't been accepted yet, or there's no birthday information on the profile, don't worry. There are several more methods on how to find someone's birthday on Facebook. You can use the instant messaging feature and ask friends, family, officemates, and acquaintances without needing to ask the person directly. Simply initiate a chat with a close friend or a family member and politely ask for the birthday. Be prepared to say what you intend to do with the information or else they might hesitate, especially if they don't know you. The same goes when you're hunting for someone's birthday information on LinkedIn, but this is more for corporate settings than casual get-togethers.

Google will be one of your best ways to find someone's birthday online. Open up your favorite browser, type in the name of the person on Google and wait for the results to come up. Browse through the information and keep an eye out for hits on Google+ and other sites where the person's birthday may be displayed.

Make sure you have a pen and paper handy so that you can write it down, or else risk forgetting this important fact later on. You'll also want to make use of specialized birthday reminder apps or websites that offer to send you notifications on upcoming birthdays, especially if the date is still months off. You wouldn't want to go through the trouble of finding someone's birthday and forget all about it a few days after the actual date, would you? An app that will help you remember, or something as simple as putting in the date in your organizer will help immensely.


From Friends And Family

In real life, asking close friends and family members is one of the best ways on how to find someone's birthday. Barring the fact that you're looking for the birthday of a stranger you met on the commute or on the dance floor yesterday (which greatly decreases your chance of successfully finding out), you should be able to easily find out this piece of information.

It's all about careful planning and a bit of acting. Let's say you're planning a surprise party for your friend and don't know his or her birthday. By observation, you'll come to see who his or her close friends are. Pick out one whom you think won't spoil the surprise (trustworthiness is important if you don't want your plans ruined), find a perfect time and opportunity to speak with that friend and either ask the question point blank or lead the topic to the birthday. If secrecy is of utmost importance then you'll have to lead the conversation up to the point where the friend reveals the birthday without him suspecting it. You'll have to brush up on your conversational and acting skills for this to be truly effective!

If secrecy isn't the priority then you can come forward and just be straightforward. Call the person's friend and ask for the birthday. Be prepared to divulge the reason why you want to know that person's date of birth. In some cases, it might even be beneficial for your cause when that friend wants to help any way they can. Asking family members may be a bit tougher as they may have the same place of residency. But here's what you can do- you can call up the home phone and speak with the family member or knock on the front door when the person isn't there. The secrecy approach with family members won't usually work, so it's best to tell them honestly why you need that person's birthday.

Friends and family usually give out the information once they see the reason why you need it. Just make sure that it's for a good cause and not for pranking or naughty things!


From The Driver's License and Other IDs

There's quite a number of interesting ways on how to find someone's birthday by seeing it on their ID. You can play the stealth game and open up his or her wallet without their permission in order to find the information, but be prepared to explain yourself when you get caught. It's a bit dangerous and there are better ways to find a person's birthday.

You can have them willingly fork over their ID and get the birthday without them knowing it. The trick to doing this is to lead the conversation and have him or her pull out their wallet and give the ID. So let's say you're having a conversation about who has the worst picture on their IDs. You can joke about it up until the point where they pull it out and you casually check the picture but in reality, you're scanning the date of birth field. You can also try the "old ID" trick where you say you want to compare IDs and see if they have newer markings or identification numbers. Last but not the least, you can play the game of finding out whose famous actor or historical figure they share their birthdays with and ask for proof by having them show their ID. These are just some suggestions but you can come up with your own. Be creative!


Other Methods

If getting someone's birthday is a matter of life or death, then you can resort to background checks either online or with a government agency. This type of fact-finding is serious and it will more than likely cost you. There are some online resources and sites that could provide you the information for free. You can go to your local public records office and find out the birthday or type their name on a Google search and see if it comes up. All of these methods require spending considerable time, so this will be your last resort if you're unsuccessful in finding out the birthday via a social network, asking friends and family or seeing their ID.



Finding someone's birthday shouldn't have to be such a difficult task. Most of the time the purpose of finding out is fun and casual. You want to surprise that person by taking them to a special dinner reservation on their special day. You want to throw a surprise party in the office, in school or in their very home. You want to give them a small token to show how much you care. You want that person to notice you and possibly start a relationship. These are all valid reasons for trying to find someone's birthday online.

Just keep it light and casual, and consider what options are most suitable in your case. If you're friends with that special someone in Facebook, then, by all means, whip out your mobile phone and check out their Facebook profile. If you're classmates, then convincing that person's close friend should be enough for you to get the birthday. If you're co-workers, then comparing IDs and driver's licenses should be easy.